10 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Cat

If you ever thought your cat was a sly, complicated creature that seems to be keeping a secret or two from you…. Well… You’d be right. In fact, we’ve counted at least 20 amazing facts about your favorite feline friend that you never knew about. So read on, and learn what that purr really means. And if you’re a dog lover, don’t miss these 20 amazing facts about your dog.

1-Female Cats Are Usually Right-Pawed

After testing 42 cats—21 male and 21 female—psychologists D. Wells and S. Millsopp of Queen’s University Belfast determined that cat’s dominant paw is correlated with gender. For the record: Female cats? Right-pawed.

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How To Grow Hair For Your Kitten

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Cat Brings Flowers To Neighbors From Her Garden Regularly Since Spring

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