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Would you like to consciously create a joyful life for yourself and your cats?  Are you looking for information to keep your feline family members healthy, happy and content?  WeHeartCatsBlog is your comprehensive resource for conscious living, health, and happiness for cats and their humans.

On this site, you will find expert advice and information about feline health, nutrition, and lifestyle.  I’ll share my thoughts on cats, books, health, life, and other topics.

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Founder Of Weheartcatblog ~~ Serj Achquir

Who is Serj Achquir?

I am a 31 years old blogger, who is passionate about animals, and especially these wonderful creatures called “cats”,i started my journey very young at professional work ,but decided recently to focus on growing my business online,therefore, I created this blog to share with you my passion for cats and all I learned about from 20 years living with these beautiful creatures.